Coping with Grief at Christmas
It’s harder to deal with grief when the rest of the world is full of Christmas cheer.  The sense of loss can be overwhelming and when everything is so family-focused, the absence of a loved one may be felt even more intensely.  Whether it's a parent, partner or another relative or friend you may well […]
Seasonal Affective Disorder
What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? The change of seasons and lack of daylight affects us all and we naturally feel brighter and more energetic when the sun is out. It’s not unusual to feel the “Winter Blues” as Winter approaches and daylight hours are shorter.  However, for some people the changing seasons have a […]
Empty Nest Syndrome
EMPTY NEST SYNDROME- “A feeling of grief or loneliness parents may feel when children leave home”. This is a notoriously difficult time of year for parents whose children are about to head off on gap years or to university.  The truth is, if you have done a good job, it’s natural that your child will […]
Is Self Care Selfish?
Do you feel selfish by caring for yourself? If the answer is yes, read on to understand the difference.  Self-care and being selfish are entirely different concepts that often need clarification.  Both involve focusing on one's needs and desires.  Yet, selfishness and self-care differ significantly in their purpose and effects on others. Definition of Selfishness […]

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